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Sales and marketing channels are a fast-changing arena. Maintaining the skills of the people who lead and manage them is a constant challenge. Often the implementation of new business and channel strategies demands new skills and stronger commercial abilities of the managers and teams working on the front line. We provide training in these skills that is relevant– focused on the specifics of distribution channel economics and optimising vendor-distributor engagement (not just finance for non-financial managers) in the context of the client's specific strategy.

Whilst we have a wealth of proven courseware, case studies and activities, our training is always tailored to the client, the audience and the business challenges and opportunities they face.

Financial Acumen for marketing and channel teams

We have trained thousands of account managers, marketing and product managers and their executive teams in how to position their value propositions for each of their strategic accounts and to make the business case in hard financial terms that are relevant to each partner. We have literally written the book on this (Distribution Channels, by Julian Dent published by Kogan Page).

Account Management for account managers and teams

We know how to craft compelling channel value propositions that are based on leveraging the full commercial relationship that a vendor can offer. We bring rich insight into channel business models that provides the key to effectively positioning the vendor's differentiating value.

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