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Consulting Services

We work with our clients on projects to develop business and channel strategies, improve channel structures and build the skills of their people. We conduct research to strengthen channel insight and partner business model understanding. We build tools that empower our clients to deploy this insight across multiple channels and regions.

We work across a wide range of industry sectors so we can bring you innovations that draw on the best practices, regardless of sector. We have worked with a huge range and variety of types of products, services, solutions, after-market products, capital assets and franchises. Our clients range in scale and development from market entrants to global industry leaders.

Business Strategy

We work with our client's to engage their teams in crafting strategic plans to reach their long term goals. We facilitate the process of surfacing the key issues and trends that should be addressed. We structure the analysis that underpins the insights and helps frame the decisions implicit in setting strategy. We help initiate the teams that will deliver the strategies and provide the management tools to drive implementation.

Channel Strategy 

We help clients achieve market access through routes to market that optimise reach and coverage at the lowest cost, while minimising the potential for channel conflict. We bring a financial rigour to this process, through analysing the true cost-to-sell and cost-to-serve of each channel.

Channel Value Propositions

We know how to craft compelling channel value propositions that are based on leveraging the full commercial relationship that a vendor can offer. We bring rich insight into channel business models that provides the key to effectively positioning the vendor's differentiating value.

Account Management

We design the processes and instill the skills necessary to build long-term strategic relationships with key partners, whether they be franchisees, distributors, dealers or retailers. We build tools and templates that help build consistency across account teams and structure their approach to account management.

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